Staging it and future prospects

For the traditional frieday presentation at KISD we did an exhibition. Lumbervolt was screwed on an anthracite MDF board. To insure an intuitive useage hammer and nail are placed at the front area of the table. The bulb occurs in the background and starts to cause the attention of the hammering person for the the first time when it lights up the first time.



Because hammering is experienced as an interessting action, a lot of participants wanted to have a try. The fact that I did not have to explain how to use it proofed my plan of giving an intuitive Interaction.

Future prospects
The technical realization of the idea proved to be exciting and helped me reflecting on the integration of common interaction tools into digital devices. In particular, the observation of the exhibition visitors and, by the choice of materials and the light setting, scored enthusiasm for this type of interface were enlightening for me.
It would be interesting in the future, when a longer periode of time is given, a lamp, with a body, that is made of wood, and in which one could directly hammer a nail.