Lumbervolt – the concept

In this two weeks lasting KISD project we had the goal to manipulate already existing, analog thinks to create a blended Space,
an interface between “natural” and digital spaces. To invent an interaction that goes beyond the common WIMP-Metaphors.

In the first week we focused on analysing already existing Switches and developed various concepts.  The task of the second week was to realize out final concept and finally present it on an exhibiton. To make sure that we focus on the inpute device,
the group of students decided to control not more than three basic elements: a bulb, a fan and/or sound.

vorschaubild   clasen_lumbervolt_docu_engdlish-6

A piece of split wood is placed on the table, and hammer and nails, lying next to it, invite the user to become active and to hammer a nail into the wood. After a few strokes the bulb, that is put next to the wood in the upper corner of the table, lights up. A hammer and nails down several ready cause the user to be active and to hammer a nail into the wood. After a few strokes the lamp, which is next to the wood piece begins to glow dimly. The deeper the nail will be beaten into the wood, the brighter the lamp gets;
If the user pulls the nail out of the wood again, what  required quite some power, he extinguished the lamp‘s light and the interaction can take place again.

By choosing the hammer and nail metaphor, the relationship between man and machine interface a loud, powerful, effort-requiered and  martial interaction is created. The user dictates the lamp in which light level it has to shine; moreover, the sinking of the nail in wood on a strong association with traditions, crafts and strength. The dissonance between art and craft is addressed by the use of this iconic tool and serves as an experimental bridge between digital and „real“ spaces.